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Product Details


Sealing Machine

Product Description:
Pneumatic sealer is suitable for sealing various plastic bag grades as well as A1 plastic compound bag. With a sealing length of 700mm and a maximum load capacity of 50 kg sealing thicker plastic bags is effortless. Its uses compressed air during sealing which allows the operator to manually or through foot stamping adjust sealing pressures. This machine is ideally suited for any industry involved in bulk packaging. THe QLF-1680 automatic vertical film sealing machine seals all types of plastic grades and has an adjustable height control as well as conveyor belt speed and constant temperature control feature.


  • This series machine is ise for PE or PS Films.
  • Use for foodstuff, beverage, medicine, seafood, chemistry ,daily, clothes, and electric parts, filled's packaging sealing.
  • Model 1000 with functions od date print, sealing and continuous film sealing machine.